NSK Endo-Mate DT Complete Set With MP-F20R Head (20:1)

NSK Endo-Mate DT Complete Set With MP-F20R Head (20:1)

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NSK Endo-Mate DT Complete Set With MP-F20R Head (20:1)


Smart and Portable

Ultra-slim & Compact Handpiece with Torque Control & Auto Reverse

ENDO-MATE DT is smart enough to memorise exact speed and torque settings for up to 9 Ni-Ti files from all major suppliers. Its auto-reverse features 3 working modes – autoreverse on, auto-stop, auto-reverse off. The motor reacts when load reaches the preset level of torque. With on-off switch, it offers flexibility of pedal-free operation (optional foot control unit available), while providing convenience of full portability with two-way power supply, either AC or battery driven.

– Model: Endo-Mate DT (230V) 
– Power Supply: AC 230 50/60 Hz & Battery Pack 
– Dimensions: W92 X D148 X H124MM
– Number of Program: 9
-Speed Range: 100-13,000 min-1 (with 20:1, 4:1, 1:1 Geared Heads)
-Charge/ Continuous Use: 5H /2H (Depending on Workload)
-Weight: Unit 456G/ Motor Handpiece & Cord 92G
-Max Torque: 7 Ncm (When Using 20:1 Head)
-Compact Body & LCD Display


  • ENDO-MATE DT with Head
  • Control Unit Motor 
  • Cord Handpiece Stand
  • AC Adaptor


Push Type Ultra miniature head: Allows fast and easy exchange of files during procedures. Compact head offers excellent visibility of treatment spots



Quick joint: Quick release system allows for easy head exchange. Compact head allows excellent visibility of the treatment spot.



6 head angles: Depending on the position of treatment site, the head angle can be adjusted to the best angle.



Foot pedal: Micromotor On / Off operation is activated via the convenient finger switch located on the micromotor. An Optional foot control is available.



Flat panel: Flat control panel allows simple user friendly operation.



A liquid crystal display: Wide screen provides high visibility


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