NSK Varios 570 Optic/Non-Optic iPiezo Ultrasonic Scaler

NSK Varios 570 Optic/Non-Optic iPiezo Ultrasonic Scaler

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NSK Varios 570 Optic/Non-Optic iPiezo Ultrasonic Scaler
– Model: VA570 LUX Optic (230V) 
– Model: VA570 Non-Optic (230V)
– Power Supply: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
– Frequency: 28-32 kHz
– Max. Output: 11 W (G Model)
– Dimensions: W160 X D135 X H65 mm
– Unit Weight: 430g


– Control Unit with handpiece cord
– AC Adaptor
– Handpiece
– Water Filter Set
– Water Supply Connector
– Foot Control ( FC-70)
– 3 Scaling Tips (G4, G6 , G8)
– Tip wrench with torque limiter






The extremely slim Varios 2 handpiece allows excellent accessibility and high visibility is ensured, offering more comfortable use. The handpiece can be
repeatedly autoclaved up to 135ºC and processed in a thermo disinfector.



Feedback Function: The NSK iPiezo engine supplies the appropriate power to the tip depending on the condition of the tooth surface. iPiezo engine provides a stable frequency output without dropping the power, even when removing hard calculus.
Auto Tuning Function: The Auto Tuning Function provides stable frequency to the tip at the selected power range. It allows the operator to feel the power output which ensures the optimum result.


Twin LED:
– Twin LED delivers natural daylight quality light bringing significant advantages to the way you work
– Clearer : LEDs generate natural daylight quality light which assures clearer vision when compared to halogen light.
– Durable : LED light sources are longer lasting and more durable than halogen bulbs.


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